Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrible Day at Work? Eats a Salad.

Today was rough one at work. I've had busier days and days with more issues, but today just got under my skin. I made it home over an hour later than usual, and I was starving. I surprised myself by not going straight toward the 2 packages of Keebler cookies in the pantry (that my husband has seemingly forgotten about... shh), but by reaching for a bowl, some romaine, grape tomatoes, and fresh sliced carrots. Once I sat down with my salad, I stopped to make a puzzled face directed at myself and my shocking behavior.

"Amy, are you really assuaging your cubical woes by eating a salad?" It was so, and the moment deserved to be noted. So, here it is. A blog post and a meme-style image for all 3 of my readers to enjoy.