Sunday, July 28, 2013

Living In A Cardboard Box

No, we aren't at that point yet. But I AM ready to pull my hair out.

You can tell with a quick scroll of the mouse wheel that I haven't been updating. Meh. Are people subscribing and reading? Not so much. That takes most of my bloggers guilt away. For anyone still following along with the bouncing ball, here are some updates in the different parts of the life of Magnificent Mrs. Morales.

The Apartment

Doesn't exist anymore. I'm no longer trapped in the 700-ft prison cell in that wretched city of Houston. We're back in the slow, quiet country where I belong and Vince is falling in love. We moved out around June 14th and have been in Wharton with my parents as we wait for our house to close.

The New House

The new house is 1,600 square feet located on a manicured acre with 3 bedrooms, formal dining, and a hollywood bath. (Half bath located in both the hallway and master, connected by a shower/tub room.) We were supposed to close on the house this past Friday, but because of a couple setbacks, we're looking at a closing date closer to July 31st - this coming Wednesday. We can't wait to be there, and I'm sure I'll cry all day when we get in the house.

The Puppy

Well, I say "puppy," because Bravo is still only 3 1/2 months old. He's too big to carry around comfortably, and he's wet or muddy most of the time. That said, he's the cutest, smartest, best dog I've ever seen, and we love him. We can't wait to spoil him rotten in the new house/yard. Bravo is a beautiful German Shepherd Dog, and his instincts are already very apparent. He likes to patrol the yard, and he's protective of me. Any time my parents' dog wants attention, Bravo is right there to beat Oscar to the punch. Oscar is a miniature dachshund, and he's never had any real training or discipline in his life. If you open the gate to the back yard, that little weenie would turn into a rocket ship and blast out of the neighborhood before you realized he was gone. It'll be nice to get Bravo into a more calm environment where we can start training him.

The Business
When I say "business," I don't mean the full-time job. I'm, of course, talking about Kapeesh. My ambition, my life goal, my passion. We've got several new followers on Facebook/Twitter, and I'm busy enough that this next sentence is a thing. I have a new designer on board! It's not just me anymore, and it feels WONDERFUL. I've got websites, logo designs, and consulting gigs going on right now, and word of mouth in the 03XX community is growing. My discount program for Marine Infantry Vets may not make me much money, but I'm proud to have a solid reputation in that market. Not everything is free or discounted in that sector, so my hopes are to get more and more of those customers as loyal clients who rely on Kapeesh for their whole marketing department. Overall, good stuff. Like everything else, the new house will help tremendously.

The Marriage
Vince and I couldn't be happier here in Wharton. Things are calm, and we like that. We spend more time talking and less time bitching about traffic or noise or inconsiderate strangers. Living with my parents isn't ideal - alone time is minimal, but we shut the door to our guest room and we're usually left alone. We just keep telling ourselves "this is temporary, we'll get through it," and that has gotten us through thus far.

So, overall - good things. Lots of waiting and lots of trying really hard to be patient. I know we'll get there. I've been talking to God more and more about things, and the more I do, the more calm I feel about most things.

Hope any of you readers out there are doing fantastic, and I promise I'll be blogging when I get into the new house. I'll have plenty of recipes (double ovens!) and DIY things to share.