Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Long-Awaited Drum Roll...

... aaaaaand we got the "clear to close" from our loan officer today!

After not hearing from him late yesterday or early today as promised, I gave him a call myself at 3:45pm. He apologized, said he thought he emailed me, and told me "Oh, yeah. You're clear to close. Friday at 9:30am."

Very uneventful for my first ever home purchase. Especially after the ordeal we went through, I expected more of a "Congratulations, Mrs. Morales! Great news! You're clear to close!" Oh well.

So without further ado, a montage of happy animals to express how I feel:

So, let's make it to Friday without any anxiety attacks, get moved in, and send out housewarming invites! See you there! :))