Monday, September 10, 2012

Perfect Baked Chicken Recipe

When a recipe calls for cooked chicken, don't ever use bland, boring chicken breast meat ever again! This recipe will change your life. It's very simple, but it will make all the difference in your casseroles, salads, and other dishes that call for cooked chicken.

Start with:

2-3 large chicken breasts
1 tbsp chopped, dried parsley
1/2 tbsp salt
1/2 tbsp ground pepper
1/2 tbsp paprika
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp garlic powder

small bowl

shallow baking pan or cookie sheet
non-stick spray
Pre-heated oven at 350°

In a small bowl, combine all of the spices and mix.

Prep chicken breasts by trimming off extra fat or rib meat, if you prefer. I usually slice off wasteful amounts of meat when trimming fat and rib meat, so that's the huge pile of chicken you see piled up on the left. Whoops.

Rub the mixed spices on both sides of the chicken breasts.

Cook chicken breasts on med-high heat for 2-3 minutes or until they are browned on both sides.

Place browned chicken on greased cookie sheet or pan and bake at 350° for 25 minutes.

Remove from oven, and let the chicken stand for 5 minutes before slicing to keep from losing any delicious juices.

I diced my chicken and topped-off a salad containing romaine, iceberg, grape tomatoes, broccoli florets, green onions and seedless cucumber.

Try the recipe and let me know how yours turns out! What kind of dishes do you normally use boiled or bland baked chicken for? Be sure to share how this elevates those recipes!