Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Note About Faith & Religion Following a Jehovah's Witness Visit

I've been waiting to post this, because I didn't want to just fire off a couple sentences late at night on Facebook. I wanted to take a little more time and write a blog post. Here we go.

Last weekend, we got a knock on the door and put Bravo away before he could chew the door off its hinges. An older woman and a younger boy dressed in a suit stood out front holding brochures and a Bible. JWs. And I have Halloween decor out and about. Sweet.

I'm never rude, and I rarely turn away Witnesses from my door without talking to them a bit. I figure they have pretty rough mornings with people ignoring them, making rude comments, etc. There's usually a kid along for the ride, so I like to show them how caring, compassionate human beings act. It takes guts to go door to door and talk about your faith no matter who you are, so I will step outside, smile, and indulge them.

The situation and question they present is always something like "There are a lot of bad things going on right now in our world. What do you think causes those things, and why doesn't God help? Do you think God wants those bad things to happen?"

No matter the answer I give, the next step is for them to read a few verses from the Bible about these awful things coming to pass and Jehovah preparing us for the end times.

I always accept the recent Watchtower from them (the brochure they carry), but I also let them know FIRMLY, that we are of the Baptist faith, and we believe in the Bible's teachings, including Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and as the Holy Spirit - something JWs deny. Sometimes, I get a look up and down. Sometimes an eye roll. Other times, they're just fine with it and ask me about the military t-shirt I'm wearing or compliment me on a pretty German Shepherd dog.

It's the eye rolls, awful looks, and the aggressive ministry that sometimes follows even AFTER I've stated my strong faith that questions their tactics.

No matter your beliefs or mine, I'm willing to have a conversation about faith or non-faith with anyone. Anytime. My walk is different than yours, and if you can just be a good person, you're doing better than most. I really believe that. So I don't judge people for their religious beliefs, but I do get upset when you come to my house, I'm more than gracious to you, and you take advantage of that kindness by continuing to push after I've said my peace. There are enough people out there who think Christians are nutjobs who believe in things they can't see because a book written by men says so. In my opinion, we don't need religious people telling other religious people they're wrong for what they do.

So, whether you're a rattlesnake evangelist, Catholic, atheist, voodoo witch doctor, or otherwise, come to my door and I'll answer. Talk to me. Have a conversation. Let's teach each other. But don't look at me or treat me like I'm lesser than you or like I'm a lost soul because my faith is not the same as yours.

I don't think that's what sharing this earth is all about. :)