Monday, January 28, 2013

Stale Ideas, Fresh Food

I've got several web design projects working right now, and I have a couple logo design projects as well. With my full-time job getting busier and several personal things making life hectic, my own creativity and business flow is suffering.
One of my most clear-minded moments was during a recent 2+ mile walk with my husband around the neighborhood. Our little apartment doesn't do me any inspiring favors.
While the man of the house snoozed away on the couch, I made fresh guacamole and pico de gallo tonight. We bought some reduced fat Triscuits to keep around the house for snacking, and those two dips will work perfectly.
I'm excited to pack some of the guac and pico in my lunch tomorrow. Hopefully, my design ideas will be as fresh as my snacks this week. I'm ready to be out of this funk.
Have to be awake in 3 hours to send the hubby off to work, then I'll make my way to work as well. Yikes.